Ultimate Guide to
Cooling Pillows

Everything you need to know about the benefits
of using a cooling pillow.

Ultimate Guide to Cooling Pillows

Everything you need to know about the
benefits of cooling pillows.

Getting to sleep when it’s hot (or you’re hot), is a real challenge for millions of Brits.

In this guide, we’ll be offering some top tips to help you improve your sleep environment, and show you how you can regulate your body temperature, cool down and stay cool while sleeping.

Why is sleeping when it’s warm so difficult?

Your circadian rhythm (also known as your body clock) lowers your core body temperature by as much as 2 degrees during the night.

Your body starts to cool about 2 hours before you head to bed and prepares your body for sleep. Your body then dips to its lowest core temperature about 2 hours after you turn your lights off.

So, for a good night’s sleep, keeping cool is crucial until it starts to naturally warm up, preparing you to wake up.

If you struggle to stay cool throughout the night, then getting and staying asleep may be a struggle.

How to stay cool

In order to reach deep sleep, your core body temperature needs to drop by around two or three degrees centigrade. This happens most efficiently if the room temperature is set to between 16 and 18 degrees. If this drop in temperature doesn’t occur, your brain struggles to know if you’re awake or asleep, which has a direct effect on your quality of sleep.

1. Invest in the right bedding and pillows

Whilst mattresses are an expensive and infrequent purchase, your bedding has a big part to play in how well you sleep, especially during the hotter months. These days there’s a wide selection of pillows on the market, all using different cooling technology and materials to keep you cool, which we’ll explore later in this guide. Using a cooler summer duvet with a lower tog rating can help hot sleepers stay cool, especially those made from naturally-cooling materials such as cotton, silk and bamboo.

2. Get yourself a good fan

Choose a decent sized fan, such a tower fan, which will cool you down enough to nod off. Many come with an oscillating feature so will spread the cool air around the room, and you can save your electricity bill by putting them on a timer too.

3. Closing windows and curtains

Keep curtains and blinds shut during the day as this will help stop the sun’s rays glaring in through the window and making the room feel hot. In the evening, open the windows to get a nice cooling breeze through your room. If you live on a noisy street and prefer sleeping with your windows closed, consider using a pair of noise-reducing ear plugs during those sweltering nights.

4. Cut the booze and drink plenty water

Drinking alcohol before bed isn’t a great idea at the best of times, but it affects your sleep even more in hot weather. Boozy drinks will dehydrate your body which can have serious consequences. Make sure there’s plenty of cool water in your bedroom within easy reach.

Different types of cooling pillows

(and what to look for)

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