Kally Adjustable Pillow
Kally Adjustable Pillow
Kally Adjustable Pillow
Kally Adjustable Pillow
Kally Adjustable Pillow
Kally Adjustable Pillow
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Kally Adjustable Pillow


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Anti-allergy treated fibres to protect against bacteria

Soft breathable cotton cover

Air-vent system keeps you perfectly cool

Firmness: 3-8/10 Adjustable

Suitable for side sleepers, back sleepers & front sleepers

70cm x 40cm x 22cm 900g


Do you sleep most comfortably when you can vary your position? With the Kally Adjustable Pillow, your pillow can be tailored nightly to your absolute preference.

The Kally Adjustable Pillow contains 4 easy-to-remove inner sleep pads, which can be deployed individually or in combination to craft your desired height and firmness.

The adjustable design caters for all sleep styles. Front sleepers can use a thinner pad to prevent head-tilt, back sleepers can achieve spine alignment whilst side sleepers can load up and cushion the space between the head and shoulders.

The pillow combines a 100% pure-cotton quilted cover with permeable ‘air vents’ to keep you cool and comfortable while you sleep.

Reduce neck ache, shoulder pain and morning stiffness by adjusting the pillow to fit your body for all-night comfort.

You’ll love the high-quality hollowfibre filling which allows the pillow to feel light, springy and breathable.

Care: Please be sure to read our FAQs and product details for further information.

Adjustable pillow with customisable height

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  • Fluff and plump by hand regularly
  • Pillow wash at 40°C and dry naturally on a flat surface
  • Pillow material – Polycotton
  • Filling – Hollowfibre
  • Dimensions – 70cm x 40cm
  • Weight – 900g

How high is the adjustable pillow on maximum height?

The height of the pillow when stacked with all 4 inner pads is approximately 22cm.

Is the pillow washable?

The pillow is completely machine washable at 40’c, and best if dried naturally on a flat surface afterwards.

Will the pillow help my neck pain?

The pillow will fill the gap between your head and shoulder which should support the neck to reduce pain.

Will my usual pillow cases fit the pillow?

Yes, the pillow fits regular sizes pillow cases as well as the Kally Sleep covers.

The pillow comes in packs – single, twin and four pack. Does this refer to the number of pillows you buy, or pads per pillow?

The pack sizes refer to the number of pillows, with each pillow containing 4 inner pads.

Deep sleep, personalised

By adjusting the pads you can create your perfect pillow to fill the space between the head and neck, reducing neck pain and aligning the spine.

The height of customisation

According to our customers, here’s how many pads they use depending on their sleeping positions: Front sleeper – 1-2 pads, Back sleeper – 2-3 pads, Side sleeper – 3-4 pad.

Soft or firm, you’re in control

Vary the pillow’s firmness to suit your needs. Add more pads for a firmer feel, or use fewer for ultra-softness.

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