The Ultimate Side Sleeper Pillow
The Ultimate Side Sleeper Pillow
The Ultimate Side Sleeper Pillow
The Ultimate Side Sleeper Pillow
The Ultimate Side Sleeper Pillow
The Ultimate Side Sleeper Pillow
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The Ultimate Side Sleeper Pillow


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Anti-allergy treated fibres to protect against bacteria

Breathable 100% cotton outer layer keeps you perfectly cool

Aligns and supports your head, neck and shoulders

Firmness:6/10 Medium

Suitable for side sleepers & back sleepers

70cm x 40cm x 15cm 650g


Do you sleep most comfortably on your side only to struggle to find a pillow to provide the most comfort?

The Kally Ultimate Side Sleeper Pillow plugs the gap between your shoulder and ear, ensuring head, neck and shoulder alignment in a snug sleeping position.

The medium-density hollowfibre filling maintains its shape through the night to offer unparalleled support and long-lasting pillow plushness.

The walled-side design ensures head, neck and shoulder alignment to reduce the effects of a poor sleeping position.

You’ll sleep soundly all through the night on a reliable pillow built to last.

A smooth breathable 100%  cotton fabric creates a soft, breathable outer with anti-allergy treated fibres swaddled inside to protect against bacteria.

Care: Please be sure to read our FAQs and product details for further information.

Best pillow for side sleepers

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  • Fluff and plump by hand regularly
  • Pillow wash at 40°C and dry naturally on a flat surface
  • Pillow material – 100% Cotton
  • Filling – Hollowfibre
  • Dimensions – 70cm x 40cm
  • Weight – 950g

Do I need to use a pillow case?

For hygiene reasons we do recommend using a pillowcase, which will also maximise the lifespan of the pillow.

What size pillow cases fit this pillow?

Standard size pillow cases (75cm x 50cm) fit this pillow.

What is the firmness of this pillow?

This pillow is rated medium (6/10 firmness).

Do I need to fluff the pillow?

If your pillow looks or feels like it’s losing thickness, we recommend fluffing it by hand. The pillow will be more comfortable if it’s fluffed. Don’t flap the outer layer like a sheet, as this might cause the filling to migrate to the far side.

Can this pillow be used for back sleeping?

Yes, this pillow is also suitable for back sleepers

I usually use two pillows. Will I need two of these?

The pillow has a fair amount of loft (15cm) so it should be suitable for use as a single pillow for most people, but this is down to personal preference. Using two of these together will almost certainly be too high.

Why do side sleepers need a specialised pillow?

In a side sleeper position, there is a larger distance between a person’s head and the mattress. To keep your neck and head in a neutral position for a more comfortable sleep, a thicker pillow is needed for that extra support.

Can sleeping on your side cause shoulder pain?

Yes it can, but only because a standard pillow doesn’t provide the right level of support. A thicker and firmer pillow that was specially made for side sleepers is the best solution.

  • The Ultimate Side Sleeper Pillow


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Break the wake, flip and fluff cycle

The Kally Ultimate Side Sleeper Pillow maintains its shape and structure to provide unparalleled support thanks to walled sides and even filling distribution.

A natural sleeping position

Head, neck and shoulder alignment ensures your body adopts a natural sleep position to reduce tension or pain.

Anti-allergy treated fibres

Protect against bacteria and sleep soundly on the breathable cotton outer layer keeps you perfectly cool.

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