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Kally Premium Cooling Pillow

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About the Premium Cooling Pillow


Filled with temperature-regulating Hollowfibre

Counter the hot flushes caused by menopause

Breathable fabric keeps you perfectly cool

6/10 Medium-firm

Suitable for side sleepers & back sleepers

74cm x 48cm x 15cm (slightly bigger than standard)


The Premium Cooling Pillow, made from super soft Hollwfibre filling, features a 2-inch mesh gusset which enables hot air to escape. The knitted cotton outer fabric draws heat and moisture away from the head. This technology is designed to keep the body at optimal temperature during sleep.

  • Kally Premium Cooling Pillow

    £39.99 £29.99

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  • Fluff and plump by hand regularly
  • Hand wash and dry naturally on a flat surface
  • Pillow material - Microfiber/Cotton Blend
  • Filling – Temperature-regulating Hollowfibre
  • Dimensions - 74cm x 48cm x 15cm
  • Weight - 1.2kg


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+ Do I need to use a pillow case?

For hygiene reasons we do recommend using a pillowcase, which will also maximise the lifespan of the pillow.

+ What is the firmness of this pillow?

This pillow is rated medium-firm (6/10 firmness).

+ Do i need to fluff the pillow?

If your pillow looks or feels like it's losing thickness, we recommend fluffing it by hand. The pillow will be more comfortable if it’s fluffed. Don't flap the outer layer like a sheet, as this might cause the filling to migrate to the far side.

+ Can this pillow be used for back sleeping?

Yes, this pillow is suitable for side and back sleepers

+ I usually use two pillows. Will I need two of these?

The pillow should be suitable for use as a single pillow for most people, but this is down to personal preference. Side sleepers especially may prefer to use in combination with a thin support pillow.

+ Who would typically use this pillow?

Anyone who struggles to maintain a normal body temperature whilst sleeping may benefit from the Kally Cooling Pillow.