Kally Cooling Pillow
Kally Cooling Pillow
Kally Cooling Pillow
Kally Cooling Pillow
Kally Cooling Pillow

Kally Cooling Pillow


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Filled with cooling foam core and high quality hollowfibre

Counter the hot flushes caused by menopause

Air-vent system keeps you perfectly cool

Firmness 6/10 Medium

Suitable for back & side sleepers

70cm x 40cm x 10cm


Do rising temperatures prevent the restful night you require? Channel that refreshing feeling of jumping into a cold pool, with the pillow designed by experts to keep the body at an optimal temperature throughout the night.

To initiate sleep, and stay asleep, your body and brain need to drop their core temperature by about 2-3 degrees. Experts recommend a bedroom temperature of 20° for optimum sleep.

The pillow combines an air-permeable inner ‘air vent’ with a cool layer of high-quality hollowfibre filling.

Counter the troublesome hot flushes caused by menopause. The supreme breathability of the Kally Cooling Pillow keeps you cool during even the warmest nights.

The lightweight cover absorbs minimal heat whilst its advanced foam core technology regulates surface temperature – you’ll always find the cool side of the pillow.

The elastic inner-foam layer affords flexibility, moulding with your head and neck to ensure natural spine alignment.

Designed with comfort in mind, the pillow has a 6/10 firmness rating.

Care: Please be sure to read our FAQs and product details for further information.

Cooling pillow that stays cold

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  • Fluff and plump by hand regularly
  • Hand wash and dry naturally on a flat surface
  • Pillow material – Polyester
  • Filling – Temperature regulating filling & Hollowfibre
  • Dimensions – 70cm x 40cm x 10cm
  • Weight – 850g

 Do I need to use a pillow case?

For hygiene reasons we do recommend using a pillowcase, which will also maximise the lifespan of the pillow.

What size pillow cases fit this pillow?

Standard size pillow cases (75cm x 50cm) fit this pillow.

What is the firmness of this pillow?

This pillow is rated medium-firm (6/10 firmness).

Do I need to fluff the pillow?

If your pillow looks or feels like it’s losing thickness, we recommend fluffing it by hand. The pillow will be more comfortable if it’s fluffed. Don’t flap the outer layer like a sheet, as this might cause the filling to migrate to the far side.

 Can this pillow be used for back sleeping?

Yes, this pillow is suitable for side and back sleepers.

I usually use two pillows. Will I need two of these?

The pillow should be suitable for use as a single pillow for most people, but this is down to personal preference. Side sleepers especially may prefer to use in combination with a thin support pillow.

Who would typically use this pillow?

Anyone who struggles to maintain a normal body temperature whilst sleeping may benefit from the Kally Cooling Pillow.

The optimal temperature

The Kally Cooling Pillow is designed to keep the body at optimal temperature throughout the night – affording a restful night sleep whatever the weather.

Advanced air-vent technology

The air-permeable inner-foam layer creates cooling air-vents, swaddled by a fluffy layer of Hollowfibre filling for supreme comfort.

ES Best Top Pick

The the Evening Standard Top Pick pillow  for ‘Best Cooling Pillows to Help with Night Sweats’ in 2020.

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