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Kally Adjustable Pillow


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About the Adjustable Pillow


Finding it hard to find the right pillow? Sick of buying pillows that are too soft, too high, too flat? Yes, we’ve nailed it – create your own perfect pillow, suited to the way that you sleep.

The Kally Perfect Adjustable pillow allows you to “build” your perfect pillow, totally customised to your preferences. The pillow contains 4 easy-to-remove soft inner pads, which you can individually remove to adjust your pillow height and firmness. It also comes dressed in a 100% quilted cotton cover, which also benefits from our unique air-vented system to keep you perfectly cool. How useful is this pillow?

And because it’s customisable, the Adjustable Pillow is perfect for any sleeping position – catering to back, front & side sleepers.


Anti-allergy treated fibres to protect against bacteria

Soft breathable cotton and air-vent system keeps you perfectly cool

70cm x 40cm x 22cm 900g


3-8/10 Adjustable

Sleeping Position

Icon-face Side sleeper, Back sleeper, Front sleeper


Customised layers of comfort

Adjustable Pillow

Add or remove the pads to create your perfect pillow. The number of inner pads you need depends on your personal preference and the position you sleep in. The real beauty of this pillow is being able to easily test different combos and use what works best for you.


Adjustable Pillow

According to our customers, here’s how many pads they use depending on their sleeping positions:

Front sleeper – 1-2 pads
Back sleeper – 2-3 pads
Side sleeper – 3-4 pads

Adjustable Pillow

It’s not just the height of your pillow that’s adjustable, so is the firmness. Naturally, the more pads you pack in to the pillow, the firmer it will be. Talk about options.


This is not your average pillow

+ How high is the adjustable pillow on maximum height?

The height of the pillow when stacked with all 4 inner pads is approximately 22cm.

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