Orthopaedic dog beds: Tips, benefits and what to look out for

Most dogs are fun-loving, energetic and always happy to see us! But, just like for us humans, over the years all the demands of an active life can lead to stiff joints, sore bones and achy muscles. This is where an orthopaedic dog bed can make a huge difference.

Why might my dog need an orthopaedic dog bed?

Many of us will have suffered bumps, sprains and tears during exercise – and our dogs are the same! Like us, a particularly common injury is an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear which can be really painful and take some time to heal. Then you’ve got other issues like osteoarthritis and autoimmune conditions too.
Essentially, doggy joint, muscle and ligament problems can be roughly divided into two different types: developmental and degenerative. Developmental problems are ones which your dog was either born which, or which have developed gradually as he’s grown. Degenerative joint problems are generally the result of constant use, and occur over a longer period of time.
Even younger dogs can have painful joint, bone, ligament or muscle problems or may be recuperating from an injury. We’re not just talking oldies here!

How do orthopaedic dog beds work?

A high quality, comfortable orthopaedic dog bed from Kally is just like your own memory foam mattress at home. It supports and evenly distributes weight, decreasing pain and stiffness, whilst also reducing pressure on your dog’s hips and joints. As pressure points are also eliminated, the risk of doggy bed sores is also drastically decreased – perfect for less active pooches who want to take it easy.

So are they really worth it?

Absolutely! A good memory foam orthopaedic bed will quite simply make your dog so much more comfortable. Not only can it reduce pain, it can also improve mobility and help him get the rest he needs.
A dog’s bed is also somewhere they can head to when they want some alone time away from busy family life. It’s a personal space thing!

How do I choose the right orthopaedic dog bed?

Whatever stage of life your dog is at, picking the right size, style and design of dog bed is key. But there are loads out there, so how are you meant to know what’s good and what isn’t?
To help, we’ve put together this quick list of features to keep an eye out for:

The right size

Your furry friend will want to feel snug and cosy in their bed, so the last thing they need is for it to be too small. Just like your own mattress, hanging off the edge is neither comfortable nor supportive!
We recommend knowing your dog’s rough measurements before making your decision. Then you can check them against the measurements of their potential new dog bed to make sure there’s ample room.

Thick, high quality memory foam

The thicker the better! This allows the bed to mould around your pup for the ultimate support. It’s well worth choosing a bed that has bumpers around it too, so your dog can snuggle down and rest his head.

Washable, waterproof cover

When a dog is injured or simply getting on in years, he may struggle to control his bladder and bowels. He may also be prone to vomiting. This makes a cover that’s removable, washable and waterproof an absolute must-have. Stripping off the cover and throwing it in the washing machine will help keep your pup clean and odour at bay.

…But make sure it’s breathable

As we all know, being too hot and sticky in bed – especially in the summer – isn’t much fun. So although you definitely want an outer cover that’s waterproof and washable, it’s also well worth checking it’s made from a cotton or polyester blend that lets the air circulate.

Non-slip bottom

Older or injured dogs aren’t likely to be as mobile, so you want to make climbing into their new cosy bed as easy as possible. Check that there’s non-slip beads or coating on the bottom of the dog bed so they won’t slide around.

Kally orthopaedic dog beds offer all this and more

We’re proud to have recently launched our brand new Kally orthopaedic memory foam dog bed – and it’s a tough one to beat!
Expertly designed for dogs of all ages, it’s packed with all the features your pooch needs for comfortable, restorative rest. High quality and great value, your dog will feel snug and secure day after day.

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