Best Support Pillows For Neck Pain

Best Pillows For Neck & Shoulder Pain

Neck pain is the original “pain in the neck”

We designed our pillows to help you get a better night’s sleep and in our mission to develop an ergonomic pillow, neck pain was one of the issues we knew we had to tackle.

Our neck support pillows provides the support you need to help prevent neck pain and discomfort both as you’re sleeping and when you wake up in the morning.

We worked with leading doctors and osteopaths to come up with pillows that gives you the comfort you need to wake up feeling well-rested, full of energy and ready to take on the day.

Recommended Products


The Kally Neck Pain Pillow has been designed to eliminate neck and shoulder pain for side and back sleepers.

First full nights sleep

“I have had neck pain for over a year and often wake in the night, I had my first full nights sleep!”


Definitely the winner

“I’ve had a few neck pillows in my life but this is definitely the winner!! Good for side sleeping too.”


Fantastic pillow

“All in all a fantastic pillow and although its only been a week or so, I seems to be having little or no pain from day 1 of usage.”


Designed to maintain its shape and support for longer periods, providing much needed support and comfort during sleep.

So far so lovely

“So far they are already helping to reduce snoring and neck pain


Immediate comfortable sleep

“Immediate comfortable sleep with product moulding to the shape of my neck and head


Best pillow

“Best sleep i had in years and no neck/ upper back pain

If you sleep with an inappropriate pillow, it could mean your neck is bent at an awkward angle. When you sleep on your side, your pillow needs to be firm but have enough give to be comfortable.

The Link Between Pillows and Neck Pain

Neck pain is a big problem. Among those who experience pain during sleep, 44% of them suffer from neck pain, according to our Pillow Finder quiz. Your pillow makes a huge difference to how comfortable you are in bed and how well you sleep, particularly where your neck is concerned. You need the right pillow to support your neck and keep your spine aligned if you want to avoid pain and discomfort

No matter what position you sleep in, you need to choose a pillow that’s a suitable thickness and firmness. Your neck should be in a natural position while you sleep, not too low or lifted up too high by a pillow that’s too flat or thick.

The worst position for your neck is sleeping on your front, with side sleeping and sleeping on your back providing better options. If you sleep on your stomach, it puts your weight in the middle of your body and puts pressure on your neck and spine. Side sleeping distributes your weight more evenly. Sleeping on your side offers you a range of other benefits too, especially as back sleeping can come with issues like snoring. However, the right pillow is still essential.

Benefits for Side Sleepers

Our pillows are designed to make it super comfortable to sleep on your side. When you sleep on your side, your neck and spine are aligned to ensure the best sleeping position. If you’re not currently a side sleeper, your pillow can encourage you to start sleeping on your side for a more comfortable and healthy sleep.

Improve Your Quality of Life

Treat yourself to premium quality pillow, and it will improve more than just your neck pain. Discomfort isn’t the only problem you have to deal with when you experience neck pain. Being unable to sleep or waking up feeling unrested has a wider impact on your life. It can affect your moods and your energy levels, as well as the things that you’re physically capable of doing. Neck pain can have a long-term effect on your quality of life which is why you need to find a long-term solution. Try our pillows with a 14-night trial and free next day delivery. You could have your pillow in no time, and see what a difference it can make to your neck pain and your quality of sleep.