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Our selection of the best products for your pregnancy journey, recommended by UK midwives.

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A safe space for your little one to rest and play

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Baby Nest



For babies 0-8 months

The Baby Nest was designed by midwives & parents and acts as an extra pair of hands to give Mummy a break every once in a while!

Take any pressure off with a weightless sleep

Body Pillow


More than 40,000+
sold in UK

Simply the best orthopedic body pillow for neck & back pain, pregnancy, recovery support and restless sleepers.

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Full body support for bump and back

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The U-shaped Pregnancy Pillow has been designed to encourage healthy sleeping positions for pregnant women, providing much needed support and comfort. The unique design creates supportive positioning, alleviating pain throughout the body and helping you get a comfortable night's sleep.

Eliminate knee, leg and hip pain



The Kally Knee Pillow helps reduce pressure in the hips and pelvis often experienced during pregnancy. Pregnant women who have poor spinal alignment due to back problems will also benifit from using this pillow.

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