Is it bad to eat before bed?

Many people are curious about this one and believe it’s a bad idea to go to bed right after you eat – and they’d be right. Logically, it makes sense; when our bodies are trying to process the contents of a full stomach, sleep is virtually impossible. Plus, let’s not forget the extra calories and possible weight gain that late night snacking can bring as well.

Whilst going to bed starving hungry isn’t great either (as that will probably keep you awake too), eating a double helping of your mum’s famous chicken and mushroom pie – or even a small salad sandwich – will have dire consequences when it comes to nodding off.

That said, most people don’t eat a full roast dinner before hitting the hay. It’s the late night cake munchers and those who can’t watch a film without a family-sized bag of Doritos that are likely to encounter problems.

Whilst it’s a myth that eating before bed will make you gain weight faster, taking in more calories than you need will have an effect in the long run. As well as avoiding large meals in the three or four hours before you turn in, you should limit your evening snacks too. If you feel yourself getting hungry just before bed, try eating regular small meals throughout the day which should help curb the night time munchies.

Essentially, the quantity of what you eat – as well as the time that you eat it – will both have a role in your ability to get to sleep and stay asleep. Mind your calories and try to eat your dinner earlier in the evening to avoid laying there feeling wide awake; your brain (and your waistline) will thank you for it.

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