How weighted blankets work to reduce stress and anxiety

There’s nothing like wrapping yourself up in a warm blanket on a cold winter’s evening, and the bigger and softer the better. But did you know that the weight of the blanket itself is important too?

A heavy, weighted blanket can actually be more of a comfort than the normal blankets you’re used to. And it can even be good for your health. There are all sorts to choose from, available in a range of shapes, sizes, colours and materials. Some are just a little heavier than normal ones (making them ideal for children) whilst some designed for adults add 20 pounds or more.

How they’re made

A few short years ago many of us had never even heard of weighted blankets. But they’re now becoming more and more popular with loads of different designs available. Many of them are made of cotton or cotton blends, so they’re easy to wash and maintain. You can also buy microbial covers for them which can reduce the spread of germs. These are ideal if one of your family is feeling under the weather, or if they’re going to be used by hospitals or day care nurseries.

Anxiety blankets are heavier because they contain miniscule glass or plastic pellets (at Kally, our anxiety blankets are filled with tiny glass beads which is kinder on the environment). They are also hypoallergenic and are fine for all types of sleeping positions.

The blankets are also divided up into little squares, to evenly distribute its weight for maximum effectiveness. Each square has exactly the same amount of pellets across the blanket, and they’re also quilted for maximum comfort and softness.

But how do they help with anxiety symptoms?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought feelings of anxiety to most of us at some point. We worry about the future, about catching the illness or passing it on. Some of us also have economic concerns and family stresses, all of which can lead to a racing heart, dry mouth, feeling sweaty, nauseous or on edge.

All the above symptoms are natural and should go away quickly on their own. But if they bother you regularly or are very severe, you could have an anxiety disorder. This is where your body’s own ‘fight or flight’ mechanism is very sensitive, and is triggered on occasions where there is no actual danger present. The autonomic nervous system kicks into overdrive (bringing on the unpleasant symptoms we’ve mentioned) and anxious feelings build and build.

The beauty of weighted blankets is that they been scientifically proven to put your autonomic nervous system into “chill out” mode. This allows your heart and breathing to calm down, and therefore the symptoms of anxiety to reduce. In turn, a sense of calm will prevail, allowing you to fall asleep much more easily. Quality of sleep can also be improved, with less tossing and turning.

Why choose an anxiety blanket from Kally Sleep?

Cosy, durable and incredibly popular, the Kally Weighted Anxiety Blanket is a 7.2kg weighted blanket proven to reduce the symptoms of insomnia, ADHD and anxiety amongst other issues. It’s suitable for anyone aged 12 or over who weighs 55-80kg.

This 100% cotton soft quilted blanket uses Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation theory (pressure via touch) to reduce the neurological symptoms typically associated with restlessness so helping to aid a deep and peaceful night sleep. The tiny glass beads contained inside the blanket provide even pressure across your body, supporting and stimulating all of your stress points.

Other conditions which might benefit from use of this product are autism spectrum disorder and other sensory processing disorders, plus restless leg syndrome.

Take a look at the Kally Weighted Anxiety Blanket now – it can quite literally put your mind at rest.

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