How to sleep well in winter: 6 quick tips

Dark, cold winter days making you feel sleepy? Although we might feel more tired at this time of year, we actually don’t in fact need any more sleep than we do in the summer. But it does have a lot to do with sunlight.

Reduced sunlight from gloomy winter weather means more of the sleepy hormone melatonin is produced in your brain. This can make us feel super drowsy, even in the daytime.

So now the nights are pulling in, why not try our 6 handy tips for a better night’s sleep.

Enjoy a soak in a hot bath

A wonderful long soak in the bath is perfect for tired minds and bodies. Not only does the warm water work to relax your muscles, it will also slightly reduce your body temperature. This means when you get out and jump into bed, you’ll extra cosy and sleepy. In fact, research shows that our body temperature dips naturally just before we nod off anyway, so by helping it along with a bath we’re likely to fall asleep even quicker.

When you’re in the bath, why not also light one of our relaxation candles? Available in Bergamot Citrus, Soothing Sandalwood and Lavender Dreams, each one has a 30 hour burn time. They’re also beautifully packaged in a gift box, so make ideal stocking fillers too!

Consider your bedding

When it’s cold outside, it’s well worth swapping out your light summer duvet for something a bit thicker. Layering up is a good idea too (our weighted blankets are particularly popular).

If your room feels a little chilly at night, you might also consider heavier flannel sheets rather than the light cotton ones of the summer. Make sure you keep your bedding clean by washing it frequently to keep bacteria and allergens down as well (it is cold and flu season after all!)

Looking to keep your little one snuggly and warm too? Take a look at the Kally Baby Nest. Lightweight and portable it’s incredibly soft and comes in three cute colours.

Take a walk outside at lunch

Yes it’s winter and yes it’s cold! But that doesn’t mean you can’t wrap up warm for a brisk walk no matter what the weather.

Many of us are now working from home, so a lunch time walk is the ideal way to get a break from the same four walls. It’s also the chance to increase your light exposure, making you feel less sleepy – and burns a few calories too!

Try to resist the temptation to hibernate

Weekend lie-ins are lovely, but try hard not to sleep in for too long. Otherwise you risk feeling groggy for the rest of the day, and may have trouble getting to sleep the following night.

Watch out for overeating

Easier said than done, we know!

When it’s blowing a gale and lashing down with rain, all we seem to want to do is eat. Chocolate, carbs and plenty of stodge – we can’t get enough of it!

Large, calorific meals are bound to make us feel dozy, but overeating (and the inevitable expanding waistline) isn’t good for our sleep quality longer term. Tucking in too close to bedtime can also bring on stomach ache, indigestion and heartburn, which aren’t much good for sleeping either.

Cut the caffeine

We all love a morning brew or three to set us up for the day. But try to be mindful of how much you’re consuming.

Caffeine is a stimulant and can make going to sleep and staying asleep much more difficult once evening time comes. It’s not just tea and coffee either – watch out for chocolate, energy drinks and cola too.

Don’t let cold winter nights ruin your sleep

At Kally Sleep we know how vital a good night’s sleep is to your physical and mental health – especially during the winter.

So why not browse our full collection of great value luxury bedding, including our very popular memory foam contour pillow, 3D eye masks and lavender sleep spray. You’ll soon be sleeping like a baby!

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