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Oreiller Kally Front Sleeper


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Oreiller Kally Front Sleeper
Oreiller Kally Front Sleeper
Oreiller Kally Front Sleeper
Oreiller Kally Front Sleeper
Oreiller Kally Front Sleeper
Oreiller Kally Front Sleeper
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Fibres traitées antiallergiques pour protéger contre les bactéries

La couche extérieure en coton respirant vous garde parfaitement au frais

Aligne et soutient votre tête, votre cou et vos épaules

Firmness:3/10 Soft

Convient aux dormeurs de devant

70cm x 40cm x 15cm 450g


Do you sleep most comfortably on your front only to struggle to find a pillow to provide the most comfort?

The Kally Front Sleeper Pillow is a slightly flatter pillow than those a back sleeper or side sleeper usually require.

Front sleepers generally require a softer and shallower pillow which supports your neck at the optimal height with your head slightly tilted on it.

Sleeping on your stomach is not considered the healthiest position, which is why it is so important to choose a pillow with the correct loft.

The walled sides of the Kally Front Sleeper Pillow help to align your head, neck and spine and offer an extra level of quality comfort, maintaining its shape over long periods of use.

A smooth breathable quilted cotton fabric creates a soft, breathable outer with anti-allergy treated fibres swaddled inside to protect against bacteria.

Care: Please be sure to read our FAQs and product details for further information.

En savoir plus
  • Duvet et plumage à la main régulièrement
  • Laver l'oreiller à 40 °C et le faire sécher naturellement sur une surface plane
  • Matériau des oreillers - Polycoton
  • Remplissage - Fibre creuse
  • Dimensions – 70cm x 40cm x 15cm
  • Weight – 450g

Do I need to use a pillow case?

Pour des raisons d'hygiène, nous recommandons l'utilisation d'une taie d'oreiller, qui maximisera également la durée de vie de l'oreiller.

What size pillow cases fit this pillow?

Les taies d'oreiller de taille standard (75cm x 50cm) s'adaptent à cet oreiller.

What is the firmness of this pillow?

Cet oreiller est jugé doux (3/10 de fermeté).

Do I need to fluff the pillow?

If your pillow looks or feels like it’s losing thickness, we recommend fluffing it by hand. The pillow will be more comfortable if it’s fluffed. Don’t flap the outer layer like a sheet, as this might cause the filling to migrate to the far side.

  • Oreiller Kally Front Sleeper


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Parfaitement équilibré

The Kally Front Sleeper Pillow has been designed with walled sides to give soft, plush and balanced support.

All night comfort

A must-have pillow for front sleepers who need a thinner pillow to stop the neck from tilting in any direction and maintain a neutral spine alignment.

Anti-allergy treated fibres

Protect against bacteria and sleep soundly on the breathable cotton outer layer keeps you perfectly cool.

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