Cosy bedtime Christmas gifts for every kind of sleeper

Hunting down some inspirational Christmas gifts for family and friends this year? It can be hard to come up with something original.

2020 has been far from normal, and good quality, restful sleep has not always been easy. Financial and health worries have made nodding off more difficult at times, not to mention the stresses of family bubbles and social distancing.

But help is at hand. At Kally Sleep we thought we’d put together our quick Christmas gift guide for every type of sleeper in your life. So why not kick back with a cuppa and choose them something as unique as they are.

The At Home Hero

This year many of us have found ourselves at home far more than we used to be. Whilst enjoyable for some, for others it’s been a challenge that’s had a negative effect on sleep.

So with the days getting colder and the nights drawing in, our fantastic Kally Sleep body pillow is perfect for the At Home Heros who love to snuggle up.

These ergonomically designed orthopaedic pillows work by encouraging you to sleep in the most natural (foetal) position. Hypoallergenic and especially helpful for those suffering back, neck or leg pain, this type of pillow offers essential head and spinal support for a restful night’s sleep. It comes with a soft breathable, washable cover and with Regular and Mini size options to suit.

Have a look at our high quality luxury body pillow today. They really make the perfect Christmas gift for those wanting something a little less ordinary.

The Fitness Fanatic

Come rain or shine, the Fitness Fanatic loves getting out and about – running, at the gym or playing sports. But high impact sports especially need time and rest for muscles to recover, which is where sports recovery pillows really come into their own. They can also be extremely helpful if an injury has occurred that requires additional support, or for use in hospital after an operation.

At Kally Sleep we understand the important connection between sleep and sporting performance. That’s why we’ve worked extensively with professional athletes and sports experts to create our extremely popular Kally sports recovery pillow. Designed to speed up healing following a workout or sports injury, this outstanding orthopaedic sports pillow is lightweight and versatile. Filled with supportive premium hollowfibre, it moulds to the user’s body shape so taking pressure off of the hips, back and knees. The pillowcase is also made of high performance TENCEL™ lyocell fibres and is washable too.

Available in blue, lime or pink, this incredibly supportive and luxuriously soft sports pillow makes for a thoughtful yet practical gift this festive season. You can find out more and make your purchase on our Kally sports recovery pillow page, and if you have any questions please do get in touch with our team.

The New Mum (or Mum-to-Be)

Whether a friend or family member has recently given birth or they’ve got a 2021 bundle of joy on the way, the baby nest by Kally Sleep is the ideal Christmas present.

Made with 100% breathable cotton and a hypoallergenic filler it’s soft, snuggly and safe for little ones up to 8 months. Not only that but it’s fantastically lightweight and portable, making overnight stays away from home a doddle. There are three adorable colours to choose from too, with an adjustable Velcro strap at the bottom to adjust the size of the nest with easy access for nappy changes.

Love the idea of a stylish, practical and super cute gift for the new mum in your life? Check out the Kally Sleep baby nest now!

The Night Owl

We’re probably a little fed up of the word “mask” right now, but sleep masks specifically can be a godsend to those who regularly see the wee small hours of the morning. Indeed, for thousands of us they’ve become a staple of our bed time armoury.

Products like the Kally 3D sleep mask work by blocking out light, helping the body and nervous system switch into night mode ready for sleep. This makes them perfect for those working night shifts for instance, especially in the summer when the daytime sunlight can stream through the curtains. Many people also find our sleep masks reduce tension around their eyes, especially following a long day at work in front of a computer screen.

Kally 3D sleep masks make ideal Christmas gifts as they’re luxuriously soft and even come with a handy drawstring carry case. They’re fully adjustable to fit all face shapes and head sizes too, making them incredibly comfortable and ensuring complete blackout. Plus with their sumptuous memory foam cushions and fleece finishing they’re the gift that keeps on giving for the night owl in your life.

The Hibernator

Ah yes, the Hibernator. Chances are we all know and love one of them. Usually found tucked under a cosy duvet waiting for summer to arrive (or at least their next meal), hibernators enjoy nothing more than sleeping soundly and hate to be disturbed!

If this sounds like someone you’re looking to buy for this year, then the Kally ultimate side sleeper pillow could be just the answer.

Designed especially for those who generally sleep on their side or back, it’s been one of our bestsellers throughout this year. It’s also ideal for anyone who suffers from neck or shoulder pain, providing balanced support by filling the space between the shoulder and ear. This in turn helps to prevent back, shoulder and neck pain so improving quality of sleep. Plus, thanks to its supportive hollowfibre filling this box-shaped pillow won’t go flat, and its breathable cotton cover is 100% hypoallergenic too.

The Snorer

Christmas dinner is done and everyone’s flaked out on the sofa in front of the Queen. The dog starts gently snoring and everyone laughs and says how sweet he is. Bliss.

But Rover chasing dream rabbits is decidedly easier to tolerate than a partner’s 3am snoring. Especially when it’s loud enough to drown out passing aircraft.

We ought to point out here that if the snoring is very frequent, or accompanied by apnea, a GP visit should rule out any underlying conditions. But if it’s a common-or-garden case of too much rich food and alcohol (or an usual sleeping position), the Kally anti-snore pillow is ideal.

With its S-shaped ergonomic foam core, this supportive yet lightweight pillow is designed to support the sleeper’s head and neck. Like all our pillows it’s hypoallergenic too with a soft, breathable cotton cover. Tested by the British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association it’s actually been found to reduce snoring volume and frequency by around 60%. This is because it’s specially made to support the head and neck to keep the airway open so a peaceful night can be enjoyed by all.

Again, this is one of Kally’s biggest sellers attracting load of positive reviews. We’re even offering buy one, get one half price too (one for the dog)…

Order the Kally anti-snore pillow now while stocks last.

Getting in the gift-buying groove?

There’s a massive range of practical, quirky and downright fantastic festive present ideas right here on the Kally Sleep website. From the cool kids body pillow for little ones over 3 to our dual control heat blanket, why not go for something different this year?

All our products are made with the highest quality, premium materials and are designed by experts. Delivery is also free when you spend £39 or more (£2.95 if you spend less) and your parcel should arrive within 2-3 days.

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