Sleep Doctor – The UK’s most common sleep problems

At some point in our lives, most of us will have experienced some problems with sleep, whether it’s trouble dropping off after a stressful day or unsettling bouts of nightmares. While some of us may only deal with disturbed sleep every now and then, others live with ongoing sleep disorders that can have a huge […]

What are the most common sleep disorders?

Unfortunately, for many people in the UK getting a good night’s sleep is not as easy as it sounds. This can be due to one of a number of sleep disorders, ranging from something as common as insomnia to rarer issues like night terrors and sleep apnea. Often these episodes of poor sleep can be […]

What are the side effects of sleep deprivation?

Not getting enough shut-eye every night can mean far more than just feeling a bit dozy the next day. It can have real and long-lasting effects on both your physical and mental health, and on your quality of life. It is recommended that adults get a minimum of 7 hours good quality sleep every night […]