Cosy bedtime Christmas gifts for every kind of sleeper

Hunting down some inspirational Christmas gifts for family and friends this year? It can be hard to come up with something original. 2020 has been far from normal, and good quality, restful sleep has not always been easy. Financial and health worries have made nodding off more difficult at times, not to mention the stresses […]

Festive stress: 5 ways to sleep well this Christmas


Christmas is the perfect time to let our hair down after a tough 12 months. But it can also feel stressful and overwhelming, particularly with coronavirus worries hanging around in the background. There’s loads to think about at this time of year, so for the UK’s 16 million insomniacs this isn’t always the season to […]

How to sleep well in winter: 6 quick tips

Dark, cold winter days making you feel sleepy? Although we might feel more tired at this time of year, we actually don’t in fact need any more sleep than we do in the summer. But it does have a lot to do with sunlight. Reduced sunlight from gloomy winter weather means more of the sleepy […]

Top tips to getting your kids to sleep on Christmas Eve

Forget wrapping the presents, doing endless amounts of food shopping and avoiding family arguments; for many parents, the real stress of Christmas lies in getting excited kids to sleep on Christmas Eve. It’s a magical time for children with plenty of anticipation and excitement, plus the break from usual routines can make them restless. No […]

10 quick tips for getting to sleep in a heatwave

The UK is currently basking in a particularly ferocious heatwave and whilst many of us love topping up our tan, come nightfall sleep is a stuffy and impossible task. So whilst another mid-30s scorcher brings thousands to the beaches and pub gardens after work, spare a thought for those who’ve spent the best part of […]

Are you suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?

depressed man sitting on chair

The strain Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, can vary from person to person. Around 3% of the population suffering at a more severe, debilitating level and around 20% experiencing milder symptoms, which can still have an unpleasant affect on how we feel. It is no wonder we call it Winter Depression. SAD does share many […]