Top tips to getting your kids to sleep on Christmas Eve

Forget wrapping the presents, doing endless amounts of food shopping and avoiding family arguments; for many parents, the real stress of Christmas lies in getting excited kids to sleep on Christmas Eve. It’s a magical time for children with plenty of anticipation and excitement, plus the break from usual routines can make them restless. No […]

Tiredness to tantrums – What happens when our kids don’t sleep well?

Time and again, studies are showing that our kids are just not getting the sleep they require leading to a hoard of overtiredness issues. With some 30-40% of children under the age of 11 (and more in older teens) are not sleeping enough, you are not alone if you are worried about your child’s sleep […]

Why do teenagers need so much sleep and how you can help

Sleeping soundly is vital to both our physical and mental wellbeing at any age, but throughout the developmental stages in our lives it is particularly important our sleep is of high quality. Young adults are more tired than most, with many studies suggesting teens require some 8-10 hours a night for optimal functioning and healthy […]