The pillow that will revolutionize your sleep and recovery

From regulating hormones and rebooting our system, to improving energy reserves and protecting our immunity; it is no surprise that a good night’s sleep plays a crucial part in maintaining optimal health. We often do not realise, however, that sleep also plays a vital role in sport and exercise recovery, with both quantity and quality […]

Is it bad to exercise right before bed?

In today’s busy world, fitting in time to exercise can be very tricky. Whilst crack-of-dawn workouts might seem like a great idea, they can all too often mean giving up something just as precious – sleep! For many people, an evening run or a trip to the gym after a late shift at work is […]

Why sleep is so important to your workout for rest and recovery

Sleep is trending in the workout world. Fitness tracking apps and devices are increasingly recording our sleep patterns as a standard feature, vital to our health. With all the high-tech workout and recovery tools available to you, should a good night’s sleep be our first investment? Sleep for sport and exercise recovery Rest and recovery […]