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Tiredness to Tantrums – What happens when our kids don’t sleep well?

child asleep

Our Kally Kids line is launching soon, so we have been looking into how children are sleeping. Unfortunately, not well seems to be the answer in many cases – Time and again, studies are showing that our kids are just not getting the sleep they require leading to a hoard of overtiredness issues. With some […]

Why do teenagers need so much sleep and how you can help

Sleeping soundly is vital to both our physical and mental wellbeing at any age, but throughout the developmental stages in our lives it is particularly important our sleep is of high quality. Young adults are more tired than most, with many studies suggesting teens require some 8-10 hours a night for optimal functioning and healthy […]

Why sleep is so important to your workout for rest and recovery

woman at gym tying laces

Sleep is trending in the workout world. Fitness tracking apps and devices are increasingly recording our sleep patterns as a standard feature, vital to our health. With all the high-tech workout and recovery tools available to you, should a good night’s sleep be our first investment? How can sleep help physical performance? Sleep for sport […]

Are you suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?

depressed man sitting on chair

The strain Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, can vary from person to person. Around 3% of the population suffering at a more severe, debilitating level and around 20% experiencing milder symptoms, which can still have an unpleasant affect on how we feel. It is no wonder we call it Winter Depression. SAD does share many […]

Top Tips to Beat Tiredness During the Cold Winter Months

woman in winter coat

The temperature is starting to drop outside and many of us will be excited for the festive period beginning… Wrapping up warm, Christmas parties and toasty nights in. However, with the changing of seasons can come a lull in our energy levels. Longer nights and colder days can be demotivating, so Kally Sleep have put […]

Top Sleep Advice from Dr Rick Hussein a Leading Harley Street Osteopath

Dr Rick Hussein, leading Harley Street Osteopath offers sleep advice

Kally Sleep collaborated with Dr Rick Hussein to gain vital insights into the lives of those who suffer from poor sleep. Find out more sleep advice from Dr Rick Hussein and the common complaints he often comes across in his practice. How long have you been working as an osteopath in the Harley Street area? […]

Take Control Of Your Back Pain With Our Five Simple Tips

Woman with back pain at desk

If you’re suffering from back pain you’ll know what a real misery it can be. It can affect your mood, sleep, and day-to-day life. Even simple tasks can become difficult. It’s frustrating, especially if you don’t know the cause of your pain. Perhaps you lifted something incorrectly, pulled it in the gym or have been […]

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