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Kally Sleep Body Pillows

Stone blue body pillow


The supportive interior and soft outer cover encourages a deep and pain-free sleep.

  • Great for side sleepers
  • Alleviates neck and back pain
  • Ideal for targeted pain relief
  • 6 colour options

£69.99  £49.99

Large full body support pillow designed to mould around the pregnant body, reducing tension and promoting uninterrupted side sleep.

  • Especially useful in second and third trimesters
  • Supports back, belly, pelvis, knees and upper body
  • Doubles as a nursing pillow
  • Support aid for disability or operation recovery
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What is a body pillow?


A body pillow is an oversized pillow which is designed to be cradled between the knees during sleep. This side-sleeping posture with the body pillow between the knees improves spinal alignment, alleviating pressure points throughout the body. 


Full body pillows come in many different shapes and sizes, each with their own benefits. Body pillows are popular with pregnant women, those who experience body pain, troubled sleepers and during operation recovery.

What are the benefits of a body pillow?


  • Supports all key joints – making you feel weightless
  • Eases pain – tucked between the knees naturally adjusts the spine and limbs
  • Promotes side-sleeping – the healthiest position, especially during pregnancy
  • Stress relief – the act of hugging produces hormones which calm the nervous system
  • Reduces snoring – natural sleeping position encourages better breathing
  • Comfort post-surgery – use one to support specific part of body during recovery
  • Multipurpose – can be used as postnatal feeding pillow or as a back rest in bed
  • Medical conditions – helps sufferers of fibromyalgia, arthritis and acid reflux
  • Prevents tossing and turning – all the above results in better sleep and no more restless nights


How do you use a body pillow?


How to uses body pillow-01

Whilst lying on your side, place the body pillow next to you in bed lengthways

How to uses body pillow-02-v2-square

Place the pillow between your knees, with one leg underneath it and the other on top of it

How to uses body pillow-03-v3

Hug or cradle the pillow in a way that your neck and head feel supported