AS YOUR pregnancy progresses and your bump continues to grow, a pregnancy pillow can be just the sleep-saver you need.

Pregnancy pillows come in more shapes and styles than you’ll believe possible, but we’ve done the hard work for you and selected the best pregnancy pillows to help you sleep in comfort until baby arrives.

While a pregnancy pillow is mainly designed to support your baby bump while you sleep, they can also help alleviate pregnancy pain and discomfort, including sciatica and other back issues.

Since there are many different maternity pillow shapes, you might have to search through a few different styles to fit your needs.

Pregnancy pillows can typically get you through insomniac nights and provide some respite for aches in the day, but they aren’t just limited to the months leading up to baby’s birth.

Many of these pregnancy pillows can be used to provide support and improve your posture when breastfeeding, while some can even turn into sleep pods or tummy-time pillows for baby.

Pregnancy pillows also come in a range of prices to suit any budget – check out our top picks starting at £10.

5. Best full body pregnancy pillow

Kally Pregnancy body pillow, £44.99 at Kally Sleep – buy here

This pregnancy pillow from Kally is shaped like a giant log you can cuddle in bed.

Its full-body design ensures that head, neck and spine are aligned, pressure on back and hips is reduced and bump feels supported.

You attach yourself to it like a snoozing woodland creature, and it doubles as a nursing pillow once baby arrives.

The main complaint seems to be that people prefer to snuggle it rather than their partners.

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