We’ve truly woken up to the merits of a good night’s sleep. Almost every week, one study or other shows the importance of getting a proper 40 winks to keep body and soul in tip-top condition.

A U.S. study recently reported that if students really want to gain perfect grades they’ll need a whole month of perfect slumber. No wonder sleep has become big business. Here are some of the latest advances in the basics of bedtime.

Beautiful bedding

Finding a pillow at the right height is key for premium comfort. That’s why sleep brand Kally has launched an adjustable pillow (£39.99, kallysleep.com), which contains four independent, easy-to-remove hollow-fibre pads that allow you to adjust the height and density of your pillow.

Kally’s full body pillow, £49.99, kallysleep.com

Kally’s full body pillow, £49.99, kallysleep.com

Alternatively, you may want to plump for Kally’s full body pillow (£49.99), which was developed by osteopaths. It’s shaped like a tube so you can wrap yourself around it, and aims to keep your neck and back perfectly aligned to relieve pressure for back and neck pain and support for pregnancy, recovery and restless sleepers.

Kally offers a 14-night guarantee — if you don’t like it, they’ll refund you.

Designed to provide a warm, gentle pressure to give the sensation of a comforting cuddle, weighted blankets are part of the latest wellness trend.

In place of a duvet, they aim to maximise relaxation and minimise body movement to encourage a deeper sleep.

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