A Quick Quide To Sleep Gummies

We’ve all been there, watching the hours tick by while you stare wide awake at the ceiling and worry about coping with another busy day tomorrow.

Insomnia is said to affect more than a third of people in the UK. Well, sleep gummies could well be the answer.

What are sleep gummies?

Sleep gummies are a convenient (and very tasty!) sleep aid that can help you fall asleep more quickly and enjoy a better quality of sleep too. They’re also great if you hate the thought of tablets or capsules.

We’re used to seeing vitamin supplements in chewable form – well these are the same but for sleep.

Sleep gummies are specially formulated to give you a delicious way to get all the nutrients and essential extracts your body needs for the best night’s rest.

The magic ingredient: 5-HTP

Never heard of it? Well, 5-HTP is essentially what serotonin is made of. It’s is an amino acid that our bodies naturally produce which can be converted into melatonin (the sleep hormone).

In the evening, our melatonin levels rise which makes us feel tired and ready for bed. These levels then start to drop in the morning to wake us up.

The body produces 5-HTP from any food we eat which contains an amino acid called tryptophan. So sleep gummies that contain 5-HTP basically put you in the mood for sleep.

Serotonin itself can also relax your mind and reduce any anxious thoughts that are keeping you awake. It also helps regulate your emotions.

Making sure there’s enough 5-HTP in your body could make a massive difference in calming the senses, helping you drift off and stay asleep too.

Sleep gummies also contain Passiflora

Alongside 5-HTP, sleep gummies also contain Passiflora. This beautiful purple climbing vine has long been known to help cut down the time it takes to fall asleep, improving sleep quality and duration. It can act to not only soothe insomnia, but also pain, stress, ADHD and many other conditions.

How long does it take for sleep gummies to work?

As with many supplements, sleep gummies can take a little while to ‘kick in’ as your body starts to positively respond to them. However, you should be able to tell fairly quickly if they work for you.

Sleep gummies should ideally be taken in the evenings in the hour or so before you go to bed. But the active ingredients will carry on working throughout the day, making your body better at producing all the neurotransmitters, hormones and other important components of a great night’s sleep.

Think of it as a process; you’re re-nourishing your body, adding in the ingredients it needs to really relax and renew itself. Unlike sleeping tablets you’re not simply ‘knocking yourself out’ every night, running the risk of feeling groggy in the morning. It’s a slightly different but still very effective approach.

Don’t forget to chat to your doctor first

Sleep gummies can be an extremely valuable sleep aid, especially for short-term insomnia. However, it’s important to understand what could be causing your restlessness and if there may be any underlying health problems. Before taking sleep gummies, make sure you speak to your doctor first – especially if you’re pregnant.

Alongside munching on sleep gummies, it’s well worth making a few lifestyle changes too. Cutting down your caffeine and alcohol intake, sticking to a regular bedtime routine, trying some sleep apps and making sure your bedding is clean and comfy can all help. Why not also see our recent blog article about the UK’s most common sleep problems to see if any ring a bell.

Why choose sleep gummies from Kally?

Sleep gummies from Kally are made from natural, 100% vegan ingredients with 100mg 5-HTP 20mg Passiflora per serving.

Each bottle contains one month’s supply of Kally Sleep tropical flavour gummies, which consist of 60 gummies (two a night). Flavoured with natural juices from fruits and vegetables, simply take two gummies with or without food. Remember though, sleep gummies are designed for adults and should be kept away from children.

Is insomnia something you’re struggling with?

Why not browse our huge range of Kally’s high quality insomnia-busting products including our weighted anxiety blanket, sleep spray and lumbar support. Many are buy one, get one half price too and of course there’s always our bestsellers!

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